Hand held scanner
Our Handheld Scanner is a market leader in the industry. It allows to reproduce accurate, textured 3D model and is completely safe-to-use. It is able to capture every detail of your newborn baby’s toes or even your unique emotion.

If in case it’s not possible to visit our studio during few crucial moments like marriages, our team will be happy to approach you at your location.

We also cooperate with museums to create precise copies of the historical artifacts.
Explore the Process and Benefits of Handheld scanner
  • Scanning at your venue
  • Number of people to be scanned 1-5
  • High quality 3d model preparation
  • Better attention to the details when the required shape is determined
  • Scan of certain part of the body for higher quality
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Handheld scanner and its appliances are portable which allows us to approach at your location for such great events as wedding, graduation, newborn baby … you name it! The scanner is manually rotated in 360 degrees to fully capture objects and reproduce precise 3D model.
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