MoScan Studio MoScan Technology
MoScan Studio is designed to capture in three dimensions ofa full body of a person in just seconds. This is a high precision 3D body scanner which captures the posture in just one click..

Model preview processing time 5-10 minutes.
Installation time 20 mins.
Explore the Process and Benefits
  • Scanning at your venue
  • Sharing on social networsk
  • Quality model printing in any shape,size and material on your choice
  • High quality 3d model preparation
  • VR, gaming ready models
MoScan Studio is designed to be transportable and easily assembled.
Installation requirements
MoScan Studio is easy to assemble. It requires 3*3 m space, access to electricity and a well-lit room.
Scanning capacity
MoScan Studio captures the posture in just one click and processes the image in just minutes. This allows to scan up to 100 people during one session with the max of 5 people in a row.
Capturing ability
MoScan Studio is one of the leading portable scanners in the industry. It operates in a blink of an eye, which allows to scan children and pets.
MoScan studio is one of the best performing mobile full body 3D scanner in the industry. It combines structured light and DSLR technologies to produce realistic figurines.
Gift Empower your event with MoScan Studio
Amaze your guests with life-time experience and boost your event to the next dimention
The world’s unique 3D art exhibition.
Let your guests take the cutting edge memories of your event.
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